Meet Joe


Joe Torres

To talk about Joe Torres, known just as “Joe” is to talk about one of the most known Chefs of New York. He has been honored with many meritorious awards in his long career.

Hailing from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Joe developed his culinary talents from an early age in his mother’s kitchen.

Through the years, Joe has becomes synonymous with good food with all the politicians, artists and known personalities throughout
the city.

For many years, Joe honed his talents working closely with Cariman Stakehouse.

Joe began a new chapter in his career as he establishes his own restaurant, located in the heart of the Bronx, (1841 Westchester Avenue).

“My objective with Joe's Place is to create a place where my guests can come and share with their families and feel right at home. For that reason Joe’s Place has evolved into a place that families can gather, celebrate and enjoy each other company”.

That what Joe says, proprietor of this establishment, who with his wife Maribel, offer an accommodating and cordial experience. This makes Joe’s Place a place to remember and return.